Medicea cake:
130 g cantucci biscuits
20 g milk
70 g white chocolate

Bavarian cream:
300 ml milk
100 g egg yolks
80 g granulated sugar
vanilla bean
200 g cream
9 g isinglass
20 g vin santo dessert wine

Soft chocolate insert:
130 g dark chocolate (72%)
30 g milk
pistachio nuts to taste

150 g dark chocolate
50 g cream
40 g butter

Blend the cantucci biscuits, heat the milk with the white chocolate and when the chocolate is creamy and well-melted, add it to the biscuits and mix well. Put this mixture into a mould, possibly a little smaller than the mould for the finished cake – e.g. a 16 cm disk for an 18 cm cake. Leave to rest for at least an hour and make a custard. Leave it to cool and the add the partially whipped cream. Then add the isinglass and the chocolate insert and melt it over a bain-marie with the milk. When it is well-melted, add the lightly ground pistachio nuts and leave to cool on a 16 cm disk. Assembling the cake: put the biscuit mixture into an 18 cm mould. Add the Bavarian cream until it covers the biscuit mixture to about halfway up the container. Put it into the freezer for about half an hour to let it set a little, then insert the soft part in the bottom. It is advisable to freeze the insert slightly, to make it easier to handle afterwards. Add the remaining Bavarian custard until it fills the container and freeze. After freezing, add the icing and serve at least 6 hours later, to ensure that it thaws properly.

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