Cantina Poggio del Moro, Strada delle Cavine e Valli, Chianciano Terme, SI, Italia - 53042 - SI


We don’t work for someone.
We work with someone.
WARNING: huggable clients only.
We do our best every day channeling our uniqueness and Talent. As do the peculiarities of the regional terroir – our soul: the earth – the soul and the flora – our feelings. The Poggio del Moro estate is located in the heart of Tuscany, south of Montepulciano, in the Chianciano area. Our boutique winery was created thanks to the love and passion of Tania and Alex during the course of many years, with the help of a young&passionate professional team from all over the world. It is said that the life of a person is guarded at the bottom of his eyes: nothing more true. And since what you see is what you get: in Poggio del Moro – believe in your eyes.
In the eyes of Those of who work here with passion. Those contained in every single bunch of grapes. Those of the rows that embrace, nourished by the sun and caressed by the wind. And it is through the eyes that this multitude of souls communicate: producers and visitors, each with their own inimitable point of view on reality, each with his own personal experience – all with a load of emotions to share. This is why you can really believe your eyes, when stories of our people are told; of a unique ecosystem and the way it is grown; of an inimitable landscape, like the vines produced here.
A natural fermentation produced by the yeasts of our vineyards for the maximum expression of their soul. Loyalty to traditions, unparalleled elegance and excellence, love for nature and thoroughal care for every grape and olive tree: these are the basic principles of the of the Poggio del Moro philosophy. Our farm focuses on a diligent and fair approach towards vineyards, following solely environmentally friendly ways. They are cultivated by hand strictly respecting nature and tradition and paying particular attention to every stage of production. Please follow us on Instagram: poggiodelmorowinery.