Friday 2 April 2021

The Region has approved the final ranking of projects eligible for contributions under the “Promotion of wine in third-country markets” for 2020/2021.

The 13 million euros made available in the initiative for the 2020/2021 campaign make it possible to satisfy all the requests for advance payments presented and considered admissible, i.e. 36 projects involving almost 500 companies.

From 2008 to date, the European funds that the Tuscan Regional Council has allocated to this initiative, instigated under the so-called “Wine CMO” (Common organization of the wine sector market), amounts to 96 million euros.

The measure is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of wine producers in non-EU markets, through actions in the fields of public relations, promotion and advertising, that highlight the high standards of EU products, in particular in terms of quality, food safety and environment. Participation in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importance, information campaigns, studies to evaluate the results of the information and promotional actions undertaken, were also financed.

The strengthening of the promotion activities of our wine companies – said the vice president and regional councilor for agri-food, Stefania Saccardiis one of the main objectives we have set ourselves, especially considering that the wine sector is one of the driving chains of the agri-food sector. Guaranteeing the support of the parties involved, companies and consortia, therefore represents a crucial element for relaunch and recovery, and the goal is not to leave behind any of the extra-EU markets, especially in this particularly difficult phase linked to the Covid-19 pandemic“.

The activities foreseen in the projects will start from April 1, 2021.


Image by Gustavo Aguilar from Pixabay 

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