Tuesday 10 May 2022

Exploring the vineyards, olive groves, farms, wineries, oil mills and holiday farms: these are the protagonists of the Federation of Wine Roads of Oil and Flavours of Tuscany, a regional initiative to promote activities linked mainly to wine and food tourism. A network of routes and experiences that accompany enthusiasts and interested parties on the trail of one of Tuscany’s most defined traditions.

For 2022, the Region has again financed this map of excellence with 26,000 euros, resources aimed at enhancing the value of the routes and the various promotional activities that bring them to life, thus creating an integrated tourist system made up of different territorial realities that nonetheless have a common, shared vision of local development.

The routes, which have been operating in Tuscany for 20 years promoting farms, are a great resource,” said Stefania Saccardi, vice-president and councillor for agriculture and food, “and they highlight food and wine tourism by conveying and organising the best of what each area expresses, produces and transforms. Our aim is that the routes, which by their very nature have always been inclusive, will in the near future be able to represent the entire Tuscan agricultural-tourism sector with its restaurants, holiday farms, artisans and producers of wine, oil and typical products. This is how we will be able to embody a new coordinated and integrated development of this very effective form of promotion and enhancement of one of Tuscany’s liveliest and most distinctive sectors.”

Strade del vino, dell'olio e dei sapori: finanziata la promozione per il 2022

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