Monday 8 March 2021

Volterra becomes the “City of salt“: the municipal administration has approved a path to enhance the historical, cultural, touristic, landscape and food and wine heritage connected to the production of salt in our area.

It is no coincidence that 99.99% pure salt has been extracted in this area since Etruscan times, accompanying the life and evolution of the city.

To highlight the centrality of this ancient bond – declares Viola Luti, municipal councilor for tourism – we decided to make Volterra “City of salt”, a way to formalize and emphasize the symbiosis between the city and the salt extracted from the depths of the earth, which represents an inestimable value in terms of identity and an extraordinary cultural heritage“.

The history of Volterra is also linked to the history of its salt pan and the hamlet of Saline: a story made up of people, families and everyday life. There’s been a concentration of history and culture throughout the centuries: from the donkey caravans that carried salt along the Via del Sale, transporting salt to the Via Francigena, to the Grand Duke of Tuscany, who, understanding its value, gave the impetus for the construction of the production plant.

All this allowed the development of the town of Saline to reach state monopoly. More recently, the architect Pierluigi Nervi designed the charming pavilion where it is still possible to admire the salt waterfall today.

Entire generations of men and women have worked here and the heritage of memories is immense.

The human regeneration that was the lever for Volterra’s candidacy as Capital of Culture, and which will be the starting point for its appointment as the first Tuscan City of Culture, also passes through here: from the hamlet of Saline, a borderland and passageway which today rediscovers its pride and self-awareness of its own identity, looking to the future with confidence.

In a moment in which the importance of health and well-being is rediscovered and understood – concludes Viola Luti – Volterra decides to focus on salt, the speciality of the territory, which through its purity becomes an ambassador for the promotion of a destination tourism where health and well-being are essential for a new quality of life “.

In fact, this will be the common thread that will accompany a series of useful initiatives to highlight how the purity of salt is important for a balanced lifestyle: from nutrition, where the right dose of salt and the absence of external contamination assure the products importance, to health, thanks to the properties of the acqua madre, used for cosmetic purposes.

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