Thursday 9 April 2020

Presenting citizens with a list of all businesses offering home delivery, while providing those enterprises, at no cost, with a virtual platform from which to showcase their product. This is the aim of, which provides a navigable map, entirely free, of all the shops that intend to offer a home delivery service. It covers outlets of every kind: grocers, bars, restaurants, news kiosks, laundrettes and much more. By clicking on, people can choose the type of service that they require, consult the information on methods and costs, and contact the business directly.

By registering, at no cost, with, businesses boost their visibility without having to spend money on advertising. All they have to do is respect the usual regulations on home delivery.

This is a service that Confesercenti Toscana makes available to everyone, in order to help civilians and families stay at home in accordance with the government measures taken in response to Covid-19. It also allows companies to keep doing business by offering a direct, door-to-door service. “This innovative tool,” says Nico Gronchi, president of Confesercenti Toscana, “unites the needs of both small and medium enterprises with the needs of civilians. It fosters a way of working that truly embodies our #distantimauniti watchword (separated but together). Keeping the correct distance from other people does not mean being distant from them. The business community and the SME world are ready for this new challenge, and face it as a vital part of a united, cohesive community.”

“Initiatives like this,” commented Stefano Ciuoffo, regional councillor for production, credit, commerce and tourism enterprises, “are the right way to get the business world moving in these unprecedented times of crisis. So many shops remain open, offering home delivery, and it is therefore right that we, the Tuscan Region, should help them with a free, easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require anyone to go outside. It will also go some way to diminishing queues, thus further reducing potential risks.”

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