Tuesday 18 October 2022

#unviaggionelviaggio.#ajourneywithinajourney. This is the claim of the new communication campaign signed by Vetrina Toscana: a journey that is inspired by the most iconic products and dishes of our region. These include, for example, PGI lardo di Colonnata lard, PDO pecorino Toscano cheese, cacciucco fish soup, castagnaccio chestnut cake, PGI finocchiona cured meat, tortello di patate del Mugello fresh filled pasta, and the chickpea cake, star of the 5e5
A digital media campaign has also recently begun, promoted by Fondazione Sistema Toscana in collaboration with Toscana Promozione Turistica, which aims to reinforce the brand and its values: the project, in fact, not only plans to highlight culinary traditions but also encourage consumers and tourists to live more sustainably, protecting the environment and the ecosystem
The images of the campaign, which will be visible online on the main food & wine websites and magazines, focus on good practices related to the protection of the Tuscan landscape, the preservation of traditions, and the vitality of the territories, in coherence with the charter of values of Vetrina Toscana

Here are some pictures of the #unviaggionelviaggio campaign

Some additional information on the project
The excellence of Tuscan food and wine production is a description of a region that is not only good but also beautiful. Food is an expression of landscapes, history, lifestyles, and culture. Local products of excellence are the key to accessing the territories and the region boasts almost 600 of them.
A heritage to which Tuscany looks with attention and respect: this is demonstrated by Vetrina Toscana, an innovative project of the Region and Unioncamere that combines typicality, the authenticity of the territories, and attention to the environment.
All providers of food and wine experiences are participating in Vetrina Toscana: restaurants, shops, and producers, but also agritourism venues, wine routes, wine cellars, breweries, oil mills, bathing establishments, travel agencies, and hotels: at the moment, almost two thousand enterprises, which make up one of the largest food and wine networks in Italy.
Its members are committed to the regional culinary culture and wish to be the guardians of tradition without foregoing innovation, contributing to the support of the local economy, believing in the quality of Tuscan food and products, and paying attention to sustainability.

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