Friday 5 February 2021

News for Tuscany as part of the economic partnership agreement between the European Union and Japan. Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil has entered the list of the 28 new European agricultural quality products protected in Japan, labelled geographical indications (GI).

The economic partnership agreement, among other elements, calls for the updating of the list of protected products, the same number of protected products in Japan with as many Japanese products protected in Europe.

In addition to the list of GI products, the agreement, that came into force on February 1, 2019, provides for the simplification of regulations, exchanges of people and services, equal safety standards in Europe and Japan, and above all, the reduction of a large part of the billion euros of customs duties paid each year by European companies that export to Japan.

“The inclusion of our Evo oil among the protected products in Japan represents a milestone that makes us proud and provides another great opportunity for one of our products of excellence, our largest IGP with almost 9,000 producers – said the vice president and councilor for agri-food Stefania Saccardi – Due to its many health benefits, an aspect that is much appreciated and held in high regard by the Japanese people, I am sure that Evo Toscano IGP oil will have great success with them too. Not only that, but the launch in Japan, a leading country in East Asia, may lead to consequent openings and affirmation throughout South East Asia, if accompanied by the necessary promotion – a prospect that I welcome very positively and in which I see great potential for our producers”.

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