Thursday 26 May 2022

The second edition of “Appunti di viaggio Racconti di Toscana tra cultura e cibo”, (Travel Notes, Tales of Tuscany among culture and food) is back. It is a project conceived by the Confesercenti of Arezzo, Livorno, Pistoia, Prato and Siena with the coordination of Confesercenti Toscana for the enhancement of restaurants, shops, farms and producers that are part of the Vetrina Toscana network.  A journey to discover Tuscany with a rich calendar that includes forty events that will take place from May 2022 to February 2023.

The common thread that binds all the appointments of “Travel Notes” is the exploration of the territory, culture, history, curiosities and anecdotes with quality catering and typical Tuscan products.  In particular, the itineraries include lunch, dinner or a tasting combined with a guided tour of the often little known places in the area, trekking, a recreational activity, and a cultural initiative (readings and shows) to get to know the area.

The restaurants, farms, and shops that adhere to Vetrina Toscana will present their food and wine proposals.  They enhance the products and the food and wine identity of the region with the specificities of its territorial destinations and the quality of agri-food productions, in line with responsible and sustainable tourism and the ever-increasing search for authentic experiences attentive to the quality of the food and cuisine of the area.  The project also includes the involvement of local tourists or environmental guides authorized to operate in the areas of competence.

The programme of events

Apart from a rich program of events (available on this page), one of the main novelties of this second edition of “Travel Notes” is the creation of several tourist packages that will give those who live far from the location where the initiatives take place, the opportunity to participate.  Also, allowing them to book well in advance.  Some scheduled appointments will be promoted at an extra-regional level, combining each specific event with an overnight stay and other experiences in the area.  But that’s not the only novelty: “Vetrina Toscana dei Piccoli” has been created, including initiatives involving knowledge of the territory and products through a language and recreational experiences more suited to children.

A new tourist offer

“I am very happy to present this new edition – affirms Camilla Ferri of Confesercenti Pistoia and coordinator of the project “Travel Notes” -.  with my colleagues of the Confesercenti of Arezzo, Livorno,

Prato and Siena have done a great job giving this second edition a more “regional” character.  The last two years have been tough for the tourism sector: due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of visitors, mainly from other continents, have not been able to reach our region, causing enormous economic losses to every company working in this sector “.

“However, we have seized the opportunities that this new scenario has offered us – continues Ferri -: the so-called ‘proximity tourism’ or ‘slow tourism’ is one of these.  It has led to a rediscovery of the

region not only by those who live here but also by tourists from other regions of Italy and European countries, who can also reach us by car “.

“This has led to the need to create a system for a new tourist offer able to enhance the whole territory, even the lesser-known hamlets, through all those elements that characterize it, from cultural elements to food and wine, thus creating a complete experience for the tourist to truly experience Tuscany,” concludes Ferri.

The partners of the initiative

The event “Travel Notes. Tales of Tuscany between culture and food “is a project of Vetrina Toscana, created with the contribution of the Regione Toscana and Unioncamere Toscana, with the Chambers of Commerce of Arezzo-Siena, Maremma and Tirreno, Pistoia-Prato and with the support of Toscana Promozione Turistica and Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

Click here for the calendar of events Appunti di Viaggio (Travel Notes) in pdf.

Appunti di Viaggio. Racconti di Toscana tra cultura e cibo

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