The expression Mountain Product refers to the option of a quality indication reserved for products obtained in areas defined as mountainous.

With this label, the Parliament and the European Commission confirm that the products obtained in mountain areas have a different quality compared to the same products obtained in non-mountain areas. This information can be given to consumers in the same way through Europe, with clarity and without misleading them.

What is a Mountain Product?

The Mountain Product indication is an explicit recognition of the different production conditions for those who work in the mountains, areas that are more subject to climatic and pedological limitations that has consequences on the seasonality, on the types of breeds, plants and production processes used, and which in any case they can never be forced as it happens in lowland conditions.

The Prodotto di Montagna brand is also a recognition that goes far beyond the economic value: implicitly the recognition of the social value and the land holding of the operators in those areas.

It is essential that the raw materials, or animal feeds in the livestock supply chains, must come from mountain areas; even food processing, in the case of processed products, must take place in mountain areas.

Mountain areas in Tuscany

Prodotto di montagna is only applicable to products obtained exclusively in areas of wholly or partially mountain municipalities, in the context of “Mountain areas pursuant to Article 32, par 1 a) of EU Reg. 1305/2013” (brown in color), these areas of the Tuscany Region can be consulted on the GEOSCOPIO gis web service.

The logo

Prodotto di montagna

To increase visibility on the mountain products market, the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies has established the Mountain Product logo, decreeing its mandatory use on packaging. Other brands, symbols and logos can be associated with this logo as long as they do not create confusion for consumers.


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