Cooking in hot weather can be a real stress. That is why we try to use the stove very little in
summer while preferring fresh dishes. Space, then, is made for salads, cold rice, and recipes
with garden ingredients. If you are in the mood for light flavours, well suited to the boiling
temperatures of the summer months, make a note of these delicacies that bring all the
flavour of the Tuscan tradition to the table
1. Panzanella
In Tuscany, summer rhymes with Panzanella: a dish with peasant roots that is prepared with
a few simple ingredients, stale bread, ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, basil, and onion.
2. Prosciutto and Popone
The quintessential summer appetizer is definitely prosciutto and Popone, a Tuscan term for
the juicy melon fruit: the sweet and salty combination will kidnap your taste buds.
3. Tomato bruschetta
Bruschetta is a real treat for the palate, simple to prepare, and also great to share with
friends, especially in the summertime. Just take some bread and toast it, rub in garlic and
add tomatoes; top it off with extra virgin olive oil and you're all set.
4. Summer black truffle
Truffle lovers can enjoy the black summer truffle in various combinations: because it holds
up well to high temperatures, it can be sautéed with oil or butter to season pasta dishes
(such as tagliatelle) or risottos. It is also excellent for preparing a classic fried egg or
seasoning main courses of meat.
5. Florentine Zuccotto
Not just ice cream. The ideal summer dessert is Florentine Zuccotto, created during the
Renaissance by the famous architect and artist Buontalenti, inventor of the semifreddo. The
original recipe calls for sponge cake, ricotta, candied fruit, cocoa, maraschino, or
alchermes. Today, the most famous variant is Zuccotto filled with homemade ice cream, but
there are also various ways of making the pastry casing: in fact, as an alternative to sponge
cake, savoiardi or sliced pandoro can be used.

Photos by Jarek Pawlak