The Values of Vetrina Toscana

Vetrina Toscana is a project by the Tuscany Region and Unioncamere Toscana that promotes restaurants, producers and speciality food stores. It’s a network of people and companies, men and women who share the same principles and goals: promoting the gastronomic identity and products of Tuscany with a focus on its local destinations and the quality of food and farming products in line with responsible and sustainable tourism.

1. Our food represents authentic cooking that highlights regional traditions. Tuscany is a brand that enriches our work.

2. Food tells our story. Our dishes and products play a key role in tourism. When I eat something I want to understand more about where I am.

3. Food has social and environment value. It must be respected and never wasted.

4. Using local products supports the local economy and creates a circular model.

5. Nature must be respected and never forced. We cook seasonal dishes.

6. Hospitality is an art. It’s a lifestyle, a form of respect towards everyone we meet.

7. Typical products are a guarantee of genuineness for visitors and enshrine the connection with our local identity.

8. The landscape is a shared resource and must be protected. We prefer organic or integrated agricultural products from a short supply chain. The more local a product is, the more the flavour is maintained in the food we eat – and the less we pollute.

9. The environment around us, the culture, history and products are unique and our source of wealth. They make us who we are.

10. Quality is a value.