Wednesday 16 March 2022

The Competence centre for Traditional Agri-food Products (Pat) is founded in Tuscany: it will have the task of building new market opportunities for farmers and the agri-food industry who intend to enhance traditional products. Thanks to the centre, it will be possible to improve the production organization, the sharing of experiences, working practices, studies, and research.

Until 11.59 pm on March 7, there is time to respond to the notice and show your interest in joining.

Businesses can join, also in an organized form, public bodies, associations, public or private research organizations that operate in Tuscany and have experience related to Pat or that have participated or activated initiatives/projects for the enhancement of traditional Tuscan agri-food products or operate directly or indirectly (services, logistics and more) in the food categories included in the Pat of the Tuscany Region.

From ‘carne Garfagnina’ (meat) to ‘raviggiolo del Mugello’ (fresh cheese), from ‘cavolo nero riccio’ (black kale) ‘Mela muso di bue’ (apple), in Tuscany we have 460 traditional agri-food products identified as such by law – said the vice president and councillor for agri-food Stefania SaccardiIt is an immense heritage handed down from the skilful work of our breeders, farmers and the people who have elevated local products in the area with extraordinary recipes that have become a symbol of the Tuscan quality.  This is why the Region wants to make the most of it. Considering, then, that traditional agricultural products represent the basis for initiating integrated territorial development policies and, more generally, are a resource for the development of the agri-food sector, the Tuscany Region, through its Tuscan Regional Land Authority, wants to create the new Centre in support of farmers and the agri-food industry. It will be useful for improving marketing but also for transferring skills and know-how through research or participation in European, national and regional initiatives “.

The notice will be published on the website, in the notice section, with the application form in editable format.

The notice will contain all the information regarding the Competence Centre, the participation requirements and how to show your interest.

The 'Tuscan agri-food products' competence centre is born

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