The project

What is it?

Vetrina Toscana is a project of the Regione e Unioncamere Toscana (Tuscany’s Regional Council and Chamber of Commerce) designed to promote restaurants and producers which make use of Tuscan produce. Today, her members total more than 1000 restaurants, 300 speciality grocers and 150 producers. The regional organisations involved come from financing, tourism, marketing and agriculture.

To take part in the project, the restaurants, grocers and producers sign a manifesto – drafted to value Tuscan produce – which contains product stipulations and customer information.

Vetrina Toscana plans to promote a responsible kind of tourism, uniting a unique part of the world with a short enogastronomic supply chain and high product quality. This resulting mix is capable of creating new economies, models of conscientious consumption, and innovative ways of upholding Tuscan tradition.

The mission

Strengthening the position and competitivity of small companies and microbusinesses, in the fields of food commerce and catering, and upholding the identity of tourist destinations and agricultural produce are only two of the project’s goals. Vetrina Toscana’s activities are intended to promote slow tourism in all its forms, uniting the region’s environmental, culinary and cultural gifts.

Events and initiatives 

The project takes the form of initiatives throughout the region, involving restaurants and suppliers in a scheme that champions its produce (from the DOP label to supply agreements), its cultural establishments (museums, music festivals, artistic heritage, wine tastings) and artisanal crafts. Apart from events aimed at tourists, Tuscan and non-Tuscan, there are also masterclasses, workshops and seminars organised for those who work in the fields in question: the ideal fora for deepening one’s knowledge and making professional contacts.


Vetrina Toscana uses various communication strategies to strengthen their place in public consciousness. The project’s official channel is the website (in both Italian and English), managed – along with the social media platforms – by Fondazione Sistema Toscana. Every event, initiative and exhibition is put into the online calendar and publicised through social media, apps, newletters and invitations.

All the material produced for the regional events also represents valuable material for the press office, helping them to establish a strong dialogue with journalists and national and international media teams. 

Why join? 

Becoming part of the Vetrina Toscana network means being able to benefit from a number of services available from the Regione Toscana, including coordinated movements on social networks, national and international media (radio, press, TV). In addition, Vetrina Toscana is strongly integrated with the Regione Toscana’s tourism portal This allows restaurants, shops and producers who have signed up to interact with the region’s digital ecosystem, helping to combine the opportunities in enogastronomy with those in tourism.