Sunday 10 May 2020

With the Covid-19 health emergency, everyday life has undergone some profound changes. The digital revolution, for one thing, has been accelerated. The virtual sphere provides alternative ways of forging relationships, and is being used to fill the void that currently deprives the wine world of its defining features: sharing and sociability.

Online fora are more and more becoming “venues”, not only for meeting others, but also for making purchases and discovering new businesses. To fill the gap that has opened up between producer and consumer, and to get round the current difficulties of buying a bottle in person from a winery in the beautiful Chianti Classico hills, the consortium has launched “The largest ever Chianti Classico catalogue” – online, naturally.

From today, all Black Rooster lovers can learn where to find, virtually, their favourite wines, all with a single click on the page devoted to the companies on the Chianti Classico website.

The page offers more than ecommerce: it also provides you with wineries’ contact details and online stores, both in Italy and overseas, and a list of shops that take delivery of their wines.

Mid-May will see the launch of a series of online chats with Valentino Tesi, winner of sommelier d’Italia 2019 and the first ever winner of the Master AIS Chianti Classico competition. Valentino will introduce viewers to the different winemakers in the Catalogue.

With “The largest ever Chianti Classico Catalogue” we want to be “distant but close” to all Chianti Classico enthusiasts, and to anyone who loves the sweet hills of the Chianti Classico area.

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