Thursday 27 August 2020

The catering and gastronomy of Montalcino also participates in the Eroica on August 30 with the Eroico Plate. This is the initiative proposed by the Eroica to which Confcommercio Siena joined together with the businesses in the Montalcino area and which is part of Vetrina Toscana.

The Eroica Montalcino will be held next Sunday 30 August starting from 6 to 6.30 and will develop along a “heroic” route of 153 kilometers, a 96 km “middle Val d’Orcia” route starting from 7 to 7.30 and an average 70 km “Crete Senesi” route starting from 8 to 8.30. From 9 to 9.30 is the departure for the shorter “Brunello” route of 46 kilometers. From 9 to 9.30 is the start of the 27 kilometer walk. There is also the permanent route of Eroica Montalcino which extends for a total of 153 km, passing through the heart of the Val d’Orcia and travelling past some of the most iconic places in Tuscany. The permanent route can be started from any municipality that the route crosses and can also be completed over several days. The route can be completed throughout the year and with any type of bike.

Eroico dish

There are seventeen restaurants in the city that will offer the Heroic Plate which will take place on Saturday 29 August. They are all traditional Tuscan dishes, important, heroic dishes. They range from peposo to stew, passing from bread soup and pinci al ragù, to beef cheek with Brunello. The dish can be tasted in the participating facilities that join on August 29, as mentioned.

The whole program is on the site

Participating restaurants and clubs

Participants are Il Gallo Stuzzicheria with the Crostone Eroico, the San Giorgio Restaurant with the Pinci White Ragù from Chianina, the Taverna di Baietto – Enoteca di Piazza with the Heroes’ Platter, the Grappolo Blu Tavern with Brunello Beef Cheek, the Il Giardino Restaurant with Brasato in Montalcino Red Wine, Petto’s Pizza with Petto’s Pizza, Osteria di Porta al Cassero with Bread and Onion Soup, Re di Macchia Restaurant with Brunello Braised Beef, Il Leccio Bar with Zaffron Focaccia with Mortadella and Pistachio Pesto, Il Grifo Restaurant with Pappardelle with Wild Boar Ragout, Bacchus Enoteca with Bacchus Cutting Board, Why not? with Eroico Mascarpone, Alle Logge with Saffron Pennone and Sausage, Alimentari Le Citte with panino with Anchovies, the Belvedere Bar with Chianti Tuna with Zucchini in oil, Osteria d’Altri Tempi with Pici with White Duck Ragout, Albergo Il Giglio with Peposo alla Fiorentina. The usual Heroic Dinner on Saturday evening this year will not take place, but thanks to the collaboration with Confcommercio Montalcino it will be possible to book directly at the many facilities that have joined the Eroico Plate.

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