Wednesday 16 March 2022

On February 14, 2022, the Ismea-Qualivita 2021 Report was presented. It is an analysis of the Italian Dop economy on the economic and productive values of the agri-food and wine-making sectors DOP IGP, with the participation of Minister Stefano Patuanelli and the reports of the representatives of the sector institutions.

In the year marked by the pandemic, which questioned many factors underlying the production, distribution and consumption systems, the DOP economy confirmed the role played in the territories, thanks to the work carried out by 200,000 operators and 286 Consortia for the protection of the food and wine sectors. These numbers are confirmed by the analysis of the 19th Ismea-Qualivita Report on the Italian sector of DOP IGP products which in 2020 reached 16.6 billion euros in production value (-2.0%), equal to 19% of the total turnover of Italian agri-food and exports of 9.5 billion euros (-0.1%) equal to 20% of the national exports of the sector. The results were possible thanks to the commitment of the whole system with solidarity actions, support activities for operators, agreements with market players and a continuous dialogue with the institutions. They recognized the strategic value of the sector and supported the production continuity of the DOP IPG supply chains through specific measures, capable of expressing an economic heritage of the Italian territories that are inherently not relocatable.

Dop economy: one euro out of five of the Italian agri-food sector comes from DOP IGP products

The certified DOP IGP agri-food and wine production in 2020 expressed a value of 16.6 billion euros, a figure down by -2.0% compared to the previous year. Still, if on the one hand the growth trend of the sector, uninterrupted in the last ten years, is at a standstill, on the other hand, in a time of extraordinary difficulty, the resilience of a quality system spread throughout the national territory is confirmed. The DOP economy is worth 19% of the total turnover of the national agri-food sector, thanks above all to the contribution of large certified productions. Still, there is no lack of elements that confirm a strong dynamism of the Italian Geographical Indications system, including the emergence of categories such as pasta, food or bakery and pastry products. The DOP IGP agri-food sector is worth 7.3 billion euros in production, and bottled wine reaches 9.3 billion euros.

DOP IGP exports: dynamics vary but the value of IG exports is confirmed

Exports of DOP and IGP agri-food and wine products in 2020 recorded a stable value on an annual basis, reaching 9.5 billion euros (-0.1%) for an amount of 20% in Italian agri-food exports. It is an important result, with clear effects linked to the pandemic on non-EU markets, the decline of which is offset by a growth in exports to European destinations. The overall value is also the result of a different trend between the two sectors, with food showing an increase in exported value of + 1.6% with € 3.92 billion and wine  € 5.57 billion showing a decrease of -1.3%.

The territorial impact: Northern Italy is leading, but the growth is in the regions of the south and islands

All the Italian regions and provinces record an economic impact of the DOP IGP supply chains, even if the concentration of the value in Northern Italy is confirmed. Among the top twenty provinces by value, eleven are from the North-East regions, starting from the first three – Treviso, Parma and Verona – which have a territorial impact of over one billion euros. In 2020 only the “South and Island” areas showed an overall increase in value compared to the previous year (+ 7.5%), with significant growth, especially for Puglia and Sardinia.

Food DOP IGP STG: holds up the production value, exports to the EU grow

The Italian DOP IGP STG agri-food industry involves over 86,000 operators, 165 authorized consortia and 46 control bodies. In 2020 it reached 7.3 billion euros in production value for a -3.8% in one year and with a trend of +29% since 2010. The consumer value is stable at 15.2 billion euros for a trend of +34% compared to 2010. The growth in exports also continued in 2020, reaching 3.9 billion euros for + 1.6% on an annual basis, with a figure that has more than doubled since 2010 (+ 104%). Main markets confirmed Germany (€ 770 million), USA (€ 647 million), France (€ 520 million) and the Unite Kingdom (€ 268 million).

DOP IGP Wine: stable bottled value, slows down exports

The Italian DOP IGP wine industry involves over 113,000 operators, 121 authorized consortia and 12 control bodies. In 2020 it recorded 24.3 million hectolitres of bottled IG wine (+ 1.7% in one year), with DOPs representing 68% of production and IGPs 32%. The bulk production value of IG wines is 3.2 billion euros, while that of bottled wines is 9.3 billion euros (-0.6%), with DOPs bringing an economic impact of 81%. Exports reach 5.6 billion euros, -1.3% on an annual basis and a trend of +71% since 2010; Especially affected by the pandemic are non-EU markets (-4.3%), while exports to the EU are growing (+ 4.1%) with double-digit increases for Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe.


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