Wednesday 5 January 2022

Regional Selection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVO) DOP and IGP – 2022”: from 9.00 am Monday, January 10 to 03.30 pm February 4 2022. It will be possible to register your oil for free and, in any case, up to a maximum of 80 samples (only online at portal).

The Selection is reserved exclusively to operators engaged in the production of DOP and IGP extra virgin olive oil, obtained in Tuscany and emblem of the Mediterranean diet, excluding bottling companies. The samples must refer to batches of DOP or IGP certified extra virgin olive oil, up to a total of at least 300 kilograms, even spread over several certified lots of the current 2021/2022 olive oil year.

The year 2021 ended with a decline in olive harvests due in part to the effects of the pandemic on all activities and in part to the climate trend that led to spring frosts and prolonged drought.

However, the past year saw the quantities of certified products for all 5 DOPs and IGPs reach over 3,000 tons, an increase compared to those certified for the entire year 2020, in which certified oils reached over 2,700 tons. A figure that is not in contradiction with the decline in the olive harvest taking into account that certifications are distributed for many months of the following year until the new harvest.

The Selection organized in collaboration with the Tuscany Region, the Chamber of Commerce of Florence and its dedicated company PromoFirenze and Fondazione Sistema Toscana further sorts the oils in the context of DOP and IGP products obtained in Tuscany, already high-quality productions and ambassadors of the territory’s vocation. The selection identifies the oils that obtain a score equal to or greater than 7 in the organoleptic test.

The objective of the Selection – said the vice-president and councillor for agri-food Stefania Saccardi – is to stimulate the commitment of olive oil companies to continuously improve the quality of the product that is already an excellence and to reward them by promoting the awareness of their oils through economic and image promotional activities. We want Tuscan oil to become an attractor just like Tuscan wine, and the Selection is one of the most valid tools to support us in this journey”.

Among the promotional activities of the oil is the 2022 Selection Catalogue that will be published on the Tuscan Regional website. The Catalogue will contain the company’s personal and production information, the characterization of the selected oils, the different types and any special mentions obtained.

This year the “Packaging Selection” will be added to the consolidated special mentions, “Origin Selection”, “Bio Selection”, “Monovarietal Selection”, “Biophenol Selection”, to underline the importance that packaging plays in terms of product preservation, communication to consumers and enhancement of the product itself. As proposed by the Protection Consortia, which collaborate in the realization of the initiative, the “Best Oil” will be awarded to each DOP and IGP, chosen from a shortlist of at least three oils.

For all the info and details concerning the selection, check the public notice on the Regione Toscana website.


Olio appena franto. Foto Di Georgios Tsichlis

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