Wednesday 10 June 2020

The Region of Tuscany, with the collaboration of PromoFirenze, Special-purpose Company of the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, conducted the Regional Selection of PDO and PGI extra virgin olive oils produced during the 2019/2020 olive-growing/extra virgin olive oil-production campaign.

The goals of the initiative are to provide a contribution to support the region’s olive and extra virgin olive oil sector and favour its growth, to spread a culture of extra virgin olive oil of certified quality and to promote its use by end customers, both in Italy and on the foreign markets.

The Selection, announced in December 2019 with Executive Decree no. 20522/2019, was open to all Tuscan producers of extra virgin olive oils holding PDO or PGI certification; the participants were required to submit samples of extra virgin olive oil from single, homogeneous lots of at least 200 kg. Each producer company could participate with up to 2 extra virgin olive oils.

The 44 selected extravirgin olive oils represent the very best of Tuscany’s production during the last extra virgin olive oil campaign 2019/2020: such excellence was archieved through unflagging attention by the growers and producers to the phases of cultivation, harvesting, transformation, storage and bottling of their products. In this publication, some notes of a general character are followed by data sheets describing the selected extra virgin olive oils, each complete with profiles of the organoleptic characteristics and chemical analyses of most significance for the characterisation of quality extra virgin olive oils; the data sheets also report the registry data and descriptions of the producer companies of the selected extra virgin olive oils.

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