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Cacciagione, Carne

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While strolling the narrow streets full of history in Monte San Savino, you’ll sometimes be immersed in a sea of smells that will remind you of grandmother’s crock pot gently simmering on a low heat. If then the hunger starts to bite, do not despair: keep walking and next to the baroque church of St. John, you will find a happy place to restore you with frank and robust Tuscan flavours: the Trattoria del Forno. Guests are welcomed, the atmosphere is familiar and
serene and the smells are intense. You’ll find me, in summer and winter, before the embers of a crackling oak wood fire, doing what I like most, cooking the finest Valdichiana meat. Here I introduce myself, my name is Italo, I
took over the management of this restaurant a few years ago: originally the famous
Trattoria Mezzetti and before that (many, many years ago), a bakery where they cooked the famous Tuscan ‘sciocco’ bread. There are photos on the wall … it hasn’t really changed since then. In fact the two furnaces remain and I still use one to cook my bread (‘ciaccie’), the roast potatoes flavored with rosemary and the fabulous beans with sage.

At this point you can sit down. I am not alone in my love of meat. My sweet half, Alessandra, prepares delicious pasta, topped with sauces all made by me … I recommend the meat sauce: I make it with trimmings from steaks, in short, a precious ragu! Then Alessandra, who is from the green Casentino hills, cooks a dish that was once difficult to find in these parts: potato tortelli… I bet your mouth waters just thinking about it! Finally there are the delicious cakes, puddings and other things, that are entirely made by me.


Bruschette ai Funghi Porcini E 7,50 Torta Salata o Strudel Salato E 4,50 Crostini Neri Toscani E 5,00 Bruschette Aglio e Olio E 3,50 Bruschette al Pomodoro E 4,00 Crostini e Bruschette E 5,00 Bruschette Miste E 7,00 Pecorino del Pastore E 5,00 Salumi Artigianali e Pecorino del Pastore E 8,00 Antipasto Misto E 8,50 Tagliere del Forno “Consigliato per 2 persone” E 15,00 Carosello di Antipasti

(minimo 2 persone) Prezzo per persona E 8,00


Secondo Produzione Giornaliera E 4,50

via c. cungi 22 ,
0575 844459
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