Ristorante La Cugna

Via Bolognese, 236
51100 La Cugna - PT

0573 475000; 0573 475059

Our business is ancient: to ensure our guests are satisfied at the table.

We would like to be able to describe the richness of our game starter or the intensity of the fresh porcini or truffles that make superb companions to our handmade pasta. We would like to express in the most suitable words the proud taste of our roasts along with the soft and refined character of our Catalan fillet … we groped to describe all this … but we are not writers, we are manufacturers of flavour!

We could try to evoke the fresh and rich taste of our swordfish carpaccio with fresh fruit as well as the intense harmony of our fresh pasta marinara. We groped to tell you about the generosity of our bass ‘all’isolana’ (baked with potatoes, onions and tomatoes) along with the refined sweetness of our Catalan scampi … but we prefer to invite you to discover all our flavours for yourself. It will be the most pleasant of surprises!


Mare caldo

First courses

Chef’s trio, Tuscan soups

Meat and fish

Florentine steak, grilled meat, catch of the day

Side dishes

fried vegetables


Pasticceria artigianale


About 200 labels

Via Bolognese, 236 , La Cugna
0573 475000; 0573 475059
0573 475195
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