Osteria Caveau del Teatro

Altro, Pesce, Vegetariano

Piazzetta S. Cristina, 4
54027 - MS

0187 833328

Thanks to Amedeo and Fernanda Poletti, brother and sister, who brought to Lunigiana, a place known for its rather conservative foods, a breath of novelty. Open and kind, the Poletti (Fernanda is also a skilled sommelier), run a very fascinating restaurant, the walls of which are part of a 17th century tower. A respectable cellar, a cuisine that varies with the seasons. But always featuring local cold cuts, appetisers including crostini with fresh Monterosso anchovies, padletti (griddle cakes made with chestnut flour with ricotta cheese), Treschietto onion, herb and and wild fennel cake, herb, potato and leek erbadela cake. Tagliatelle with game, ravioli with borage and artisan oil, macaroni with the aromas of the garden. An interesting range of mains: Zeri lamb, Angus beef steaks with herbs, baccala (salt cod) baked in a paper bag with olives and thyme. For desserts, on request, Fernanda, will delight you with zabaglione (eggnog) prepared at the table, accompanied by Federico I, a raisin wine from the hills of Candia.


Antipasto Lunigiana ( consigliato per due persone ) € 13


Budino di castagne con salsa di cachi € 7

Piazzetta S. Cristina, 4 ,
0187 833328
0187 461905
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