Mecenate a Lucca – Antica Tintoria Verciani

Mecenate a Lucca – Antica Tintoria Verciani
via del Foss0 94 - 55100 Lucca - LU

0583 512167

Treat yourself to a nice food and wine break in the quiet centre of Lucca.

Every day, we prepare speciality breads and buns for you, offered with a choice of cheese and cold cuts.

Excellent meat, the best Tuscan dishes, handmade pasta and homemade desserts in combination with an excellent selection of Italian DOC wines.

In the gardens of Gattaiola, we select the best vegetables for our vegetarian dishes. For some dishes, fish caught in ‘our sea’.

To us, 0km means the vegetables Paolo grows, Renato’s cold cuts, Alessandro’s beans, Norma’s oil, Maria and Marco’s ricotta, Renato and Marco’s house wine, Stefania’s honey etc …