La Tavernetta

Cacciagione, Carne

Via del Pretorio,3
58010 Sovana - GR

0564 616227

If it is true that life is a mystery, come and try Trattoria La Tavernetta in the centre of Sovana! Among the many specialties of the house is the most interesting “pasta al mistero” topped with an oven baked tomato sauce, seasonal vegetables and … a secret ingredient: come and find out what! The business was founded thirty years ago as a pizzeria, but widened to become a trattoria and delight Maremman palates with all local produce. The dining room is large and inviting, with a fireplace for cooler evenings and an outdoor garden space for the summer. But the real special touch is the care taken by Mrs Angela and her husband, the whimsical pizzaiolo known for cooking pizzas in his big wood-fired stove and for playing with ingredients like those in his “pizza russa’ or the one with truffles, which many customers are now addicted to. Among other specialties are the pici all’aglione (pici pasta with garlic tomato sauce), acquacotta alla maremmana (Maremman vegetable soup), buglione di agnello (lamb stew) and homemade desserts. Many travelers arrive every year, on foot or by bicycle, in Sovana to visit the medieval village, whose original antique Etruscan name was Suana. How can you not stop in the central square to enjoy the specialties of La Tavernetta? It’s like being welcomed home, cuddled by the many tasty dishes and the joy of the owners, who often, after a meal, sit at the guests’ tables to tell curious stories and anecdotes from the kitchen. Crossing the threshold of this restaurant, you’ll notice that time becomes suspended and passes quickly because, as claimed by the owners, the quality of the restaurant’s food and its care towards guests is something you don’t often find in this modern world.


Antipasti  della casa

First courses

Pici all’Aglione (pici pasta with a garlic and tomato sauce)

Acquacotta (a Maremman vegetable soup)

Meat and fish

Buglione di agnello (a lamb stew made with all parts of the animal, including its innards)


Dolci della casa


Local and Tuscan labels

Via del Pretorio,3 , Sovana
0564 616227
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