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Taste is never static: it’s dynamic and changes with time.
Il Silene has a long history: it opened at the start of the twentieth century and has been going strong ever since. The restaurant’s traditions have been faithfully handed down over the years and now, if I happen to read some old notes made by the original owner, Silene, or if I consider how he lived his life, I immediately recognise the same ideas that we still apply to the restaurant today. For example, this is a serious restaurant, old-fashioned, respectful and with all the pros and cons of the bygone age it reflects. While I don’t want to distance myself from this heritage, I would nonetheless like to also take a more modern approach into consideration, especially as recent years have been particularly interesting in terms of Italian and international cooking.
Particular attention is given to modern cooking techniques and the kind of contemporary kitchen equipment which would have been unthinkable a few years ago.

Località Pescina , Pescina
0564 950805
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