Il Decanter

Via F. Carlesi, 23
59100 - PO

0574 475476

Part restaurant, part enoteca … and even part pizzeria, the Decanter is a pleasant and youthful restaurant and is distinguished by the great care taken in the selection of quality raw materials, with a preference for PDO and PGI products.

Fish and meat menus, in addition to its famous crispy and light pizzas, mixed with organic flour and stuffed with carefully selected products (the tomatoes are organic and the vegetables, wherever possible, are 0km).


San Daniele Dok Dallava e bufala

Tartara di Fassone piemontese Jamon iberico con pane e pomodoro

First courses

Maremman ravioli with Castelmagno cheese

Ruote pazze (a type of pasta) with organic Piennolo tomatoes
Spaghettone Benedetto Cavalieri (Durum wheat and wholemeal organic semolina pasta)
Carbonara di Paolo Parisi

Meat and fish

Baccalà alla livornese (Livorno style salt cod)

Tagliata (sliced steak platter) with organic rocket and parmesan

Side dishes

Numerous and imaginative daily specials, following the seasons and the location of products, such as:

Castagnaccio di baccala (savoury salt cod chestnut cake)
Spaghetti Martelli with Prato mortadella, cream cheese and truffle
‘minimalist’ Ribollita (Tuscan vegetable soup)


Excellent and well-articulated wine list with important and responsibly priced bottles.

List of craft beers.
Drinks without preservatives.

Via F. Carlesi, 23 ,
0574 475476
0574 39490
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