Il Covo


Srada Statale 146 per Chianciano, 1/3
53045 - SI

0578 757228

Il Covo: This is a place where traditions are contained, conserved and revived, like the recipes of our ancestors, the authenticity of products used, and the passion for following the old recipes so we can offer customers our family’s truest form of cooking. Eating at Covo means eating dishes prepared with ingredients from the area and fresh, seasonal vegetables. Our meals are all crafted with homemade care, our dishes all made-to-order, guaranteeing freshness and authenticity. Along with tradition, we use our imaginations, creating dishes that are faithful to our recipes, but with a touch of originality.

Srada Statale 146 per Chianciano, 1/3 ,
0578 757228
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