The was originally a “poor” dish and includes octopus and stale bread seasoned with flavours and aromas that exalt the Italian territory. There are dozens of variations for this recipe, while the one we’ve listed here is by the chef Flavia Malotti.

Ingredients for 2/3 people

500 g octopus
1 onion
100 g peeled tomatoes
Extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


Clean the octopus, remove its beak and eyes and place it in a pot along with 5 spoonfuls of extra-virgin olive oil and onion; brown them for a few minutes before adding some wine, tomatoes, salt and pepper and covering with water. Cover and cook over a low heat for about 1 hour.

Once cooked, let sit for at least 15 minutes before serving on slices of toasted bread; round out the dish with a good glass of red wine.