Ingredients for 4 portions
500 g celeriac (gross weight with the peel)
200 ml fresh single cream
80-100 g vanilla icing sugar
About ten Cantuccini di Prato almond biscuits
1 spoonful of liquorice powder
40 g white chocolate

Peel the celeriac, slice it and steam it. Place it on a on small colander covered with kitchen paper and let it drain well.
Whip the cream and gently add the celeriac puree, well drained and sweetened with icing sugar.
Crumble the cantuccini biscuits roughly, put them on the bottom of a small bowl or glass and fill with the mousse. Finish off with other cantuccini biscuits and sprinkle with a pinch of liquorice powder and flakes of grated white chocolate.

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