Torta di riso di Massa e Carrara

Fresh pastries and bakery, biscuit, confectionary and pastry products;

1. Product name:
Torta di riso di Massa e Carrara

2. Other names:

3. Short product description:
It’s a dessert made with egg, rice, milk and liquor. The finished product is a circular or rectangular tart, depending on the pie tin, with a rice base and layer of pudding-like custard. The surface is a caramel brown, while inside it’s a yellow cream. The aroma is pleasantly aromatic.

4. Production area:
It’s made in the municipalities of Montignoso, Massa and Carrara.

5. Production status:
r disappeared r at risk r active

6. Production process:
The rice is boiled in salted water for 10 minutes, it’s drained, rinsed in cold water and left to dry on a cloth. Eggs are beaten with sugar, liquor, grated lemon zest, vanilla and milk. A pie tin is lined with a layer of rice and the creamy mixture is poured on top. It’s baked, in either a gas or wood-fired oven, slowly, sometimes for more than 2 hours.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for production:
s Kitchen utensils
s Gas or wood-fired oven

8. Notes on traditionalism, homogeneity of spread and persistence of production rules over time:
A typical holiday dessert, whether it be for Easter or to celebrate a patron saint’s day. It was once baked in earthenware tins in a wood-fired oven. It can be bought in local bakeries and local shops, and the combination of liquors used in the recipe is still prepared in some grocery stores.

9. Production:

Production of the torta di riso di Massa-Carrara is about 40-50 tonnes a year, sold primarily within the province. In the town of Mirteto (Massa), San Vitale’s feast day is celebrated with the Sagra della torta di riso and a prize for the best rice tart.

Product type
Fresh pastries and bakery products, biscuits, pastry and confectionery
Production area

Viene realizzata nei comuni di Montignoso, Massa e Carrara.