Fresh pastries and bakery, biscuit, confectionary and pastry products;

1. Product name:

2. Other names:

3. Short product description:
Pupporina is a long and roundish-shaped bun.

4. Production area:

5. Production status:
r disappeared r at risk r active

6. Production process:
Pupporina are made with flour, egg, sugar, butter, yeast, aniseed, a bit of marsala and sassolino liquor and lemon zest. The method for this traditional dessert is very simple.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for production:
– Kitchen utensils
– Oven

8. Notes on traditionalism, homogeneity of spread and persistence of production rules over time:
To celebrate St Bartholomew (24 August), the women of Bozzano would customarily prepare a round bun that looked, in the collective imagination, like a breast or “pupporina”. Once ready, the bun was given to the children, who would carry it as part of a procession to St Bartholomew’s chapel to be blessed and eaten. According to local custom, the bun was said to stimulate milk-production in breastfeeding women, hence its name and shape.

9. Production:
Production is limited to personal consumption, but it can also be found at the Sagra della pupporina, which is held in Bozzano in August.

Product type
Fresh pastries and bakery products, biscuits, pastry and confectionery
Production area

La Pupporina è un dolce tipico del paese di Bozzano, frazione del comune di Massarosa.