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Pecorino Romano has ancient origins: in Imperial Roman palaces it was considered a fitting accompaniment to banquets, while its particular nutritive qualities and lengthy shelf life made it a basic element among the rations for Roman Legionnaires. This cheese provided tired soldiers with strength and vigour, and today we know why: Pecorino Romano is like a shot of energy and it is easy to digest.
Produced exclusively from the milk of sheep who graze the meadows of Latium, Sardinia and the province of Grosseto, Pecorino Romano has become an essential ingredient in many national and regional recipes due to its versatility and nutritional characteristics. To fresh whole sheep’s milk a mixture of temperature-sensitive autochthonous bacteria is added. The curd, obtained by adding lamb rennet, is subjected to breaking until granules about the size of grains of rice are formed. It is then cooked at a temperature of 45-48° C and packed. The wheels of cheese, prepared in special cylindrical forms, are subjected to branding, salting and a maturation period which varies depending on the culinary destination of the cheese. The maturation period influences the organoleptic characteristics of the cheese; a longer period means a piquant tasting paste. Pecorino Romano, after only five months ripening, can be consumed as a table cheese to accompany fresh fruit or vegetables; after more than eight months, it is used as a grating cheese for typical Roman dishes like pasta all’amatriciana or spaghetti cacio e pepe, or even first course dishes based on fish. Thanks to the free-grazing of the sheep in pastures rich in naturally-growing grasses and the traditional methods of production employed by the producers, Pecorino Romano preserves the natural and human factors that tie this cheese to its environment.

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Production area

La produzione del Pecorino Romano avviene nell’intero territorio delle regioni Lazio e Sardegna e della provincia di Grosseto in Toscana.

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