Friday 24 April 2020

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In times of crisis, communication is more vital than ever. For this reason, we have followed the Tuscan Region in creating a project that gives you the chance to talk about a recipe of yours in a video that will be aired on Toscana TV, on social media and, naturally, on the Vetrina Toscana website. The project, which is completely free, is named “CHEF a CASA”, and is a way of continuing to tell your stories and talk about what you do in the kitchen. Below is a guide to how to make your video.

How to make the video

  1. 1) 20/30 seconds for the chef to introduce themselves, before introducing the dish that they are going to make.
  2. 2) The chef goes through the ingredients, adhering to the style recommended by Toscana a Tavola. There will be another run-through of the ingredients at the end of the video.
  3. 3) The chef will try to make the recipe, in such a way that can be attempted by viewers at home. Their tone should be friendly and informal, as if they were friend or family of the viewer. The recipe, ideally a traditional dish from the chef’s local area, should be based on Tuscan produce. The chef has a free choice of location and cooking techniques.
  4. 4) Repeated list of the ingredients.

Technical and audio advice

The video must all be filmed with the chef’s phone, tablet or telecamera. They are asked to use the highest resolution possible, to film with a HORIZONTAL screen, and to make sure that there is no strong light source behind the chef as they work.

It is important to be HIGHLY attentive to the audio, which can create big problems if the phone or camera is placed close to the oven or gas rings, which produce a lot of noise and run the risk of obscuring the chef’s explanation of the recipe. If possible, and given that this is the area most likely to cause difficulty, do a little test-run beforehand.

The video can last anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes: they will first be released together as a block (we will let you know the day and time) and then over the course of the day at various, random hours. 

Where to send the video

Videos must be sent via the service Wetransfer to the address

Do you need anything?

If you have any doubts or need any advice, you can contact Daniela Mugnai, head of the Vetrina Toscana press office, at the following number: 3478288287


Photos by ViDI Studio

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