Wednesday 31 July 2019

What do Giglio, Elba and Capraia have in common? They’re all islands full of history, beautiful landscapes and food and wine. To explore their traditional flavours and recipes, Le Mappe del Gusto were created, published by Nuova Editoriale Florence Press and edited by Valter Giuliani, author of L’Isola d’Elba e i suoi tesori nascosti and founder of the Elba Taste Consortium, which was founded to promote the specialties of the territory. 

Le Mappe del Gusto highlights food and wine itineraries on the Tuscan Archipelago, where travelers can find products and dishes made with local ingredients and craftsmanship. A map to orient visitors offers insights into the culture and history of the place. This isn’t a typical guidebook, but a reference that can accompany visitors as they discover sustainable cuisine. The objective of Le Mappe del Gusto is to promote food artisans who dedicate their work to the quality of their products and environmental sustainability: this is an important element in the Arcipelago Toscano National Park’s promotion and in supporting the local economy

The book was made possible thanks to a contribution from the Arcipelago Toscano National Park and the Municipality of Capraia Isola as well as the support of Federparchi, Vetrina Toscana, Unioncamere Toscana, which promotes restaurants and shops that use typical products from the territory, Feisct and the Phoenicians’ Route – Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

le mappe del gusto

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