From Montalcino to San Gimignano and from Pienza to San Quirico d’Orcia there are numerous places where you can discover the different local flavours. Each restaurant has a different tasting menu but they all offer local wines and traditional dishes.

They range from classic dishes like pici pasta with wild boar ragout or with cheese and pepper, to tender beef stew with Chianti, almonds and pine nuts. There is no shortage of delicacies, like Etruscan-style veal bites with green beans, sliced steak with mature pecorino cheese of Pienza, pasta with fresh ricotta and spinach filling and venison chasseur. All of this can be accompanied by excellent wines like Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.


Cinta Senese PDO

Cinta Senese is the meat obtained from pigs reared in...

Mandorlata di Montalcino
Mandorlata di Montalcino

Category: Paste fresche e prodotti della panetteria, della biscotteria, della...

Panforte di Siena PGI

Symbolic of the Siena cuisine, the Panforte has a history...

Pecorino di Pienza stagionato in barriques
Pecorino di Pienza stagionato in barriques

Category: Formaggi; 1. Product name: Pecorino di Pienza stagionato in...

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