In the province of Massa Carrara, the Vetrina Toscana trattorias, inns and taverns and the little shops subscribing to the network, offer typical local dishes and products that are too good to miss.

From the Lunigiana mountains to the sea, there are numerous places where you can discover the local flavours. Each restaurant has a different tasting menu but they all offer local wines and traditional dishes.

They range from typical local dishes like testaroli pasta with pesto sauce or vegetable pie to imaginative new interpretations of ancient flavours like lardo di Colonnata (a type of cured meat) with raisins and wafers of black bread. Then there are homemade tortelli, fried pasta, roast leg of lamb and dried cod: a real food and wine journey through the flavours of Massa and Carrara.


Farina di castagne della Lunigiana PDO

In the Middle Ages, the art of cultivating edible chestnuts...

Focaccette di Aulla
Focaccette di Aulla

Category: Paste fresche e prodotti della panetteria, della biscotteria, della...

Testarolo della Lunigiana
Testarolo della Lunigiana

Category: Fresh pastries and bakery, biscuit, confectionary and pastry products;...

Lardo di Colonnata PGI

According to some, Colonnata takes its name from the presence...

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