Monday 27 January 2020

The delicacies of Pratese cusine and gastronomy have been gathered together into a single guide, which is endorsed by Vetrina Toscana. 

The new edition of the Guida Ricettario della provincia di Prato (Guide to the Recipes of the Province of Prato) is ready: a true voyage through the typical flavours of the territory, via the restaurants, grocers and producers who are allied with Vetrina Toscana – the Regional Council of Tuscany’s project for the promotion of Tuscan enogastronomy – and have elected to take part in the project. 

The publication contains around 100 pages and more than 40 activities, subdivided into the province of Prato’s different geographical areas. The artistic and cultural capital of each is sketched out with introductions edited by ArteMia and FareArte.

Each introduction comes with a map of the territory in question, and an enumeration of the activities and points of interest in the following pages. Restaurants, grocers and craft producers are presented, each talking about their story, their style, and more.

The featured restaurants and producers will each see their most distinctive recipe or product appear in the pages. There will be no lack of the contact details, locations and social channels of the participants. All will be laid out in a preface by the regional assessor for tourism and commerce, Stefano Ciuoffo

The aim of the project is to valorize the area’s enogastronomic culture and tradition by shedding light on the supply chain that begins with zero-mile products and, via the crucial work of the grocers, finishes with the dishes that the chefs of Prato dream up and serve up.

The gastronomic Guide, printed in 2,500 copies, can only be bought from the companies who are taking part in the initiative. 

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