Tuesday 9 March 2021

Walking, as we know, is good for both body and mind. It gives time for reflection, but what if it also served to improve the environment? We cannot think of eating well without taking care of the land around us. We can choose the best products, but if nature is not respected, the result will never live up to expectations.

Driven by this idea, Marco Olmetti, chef at the restaurant of the Osteria Pepenero in Portoferraio which is part of the Vetrina Toscana network, has created “Food for Trash: walk and clean”. The initiative involves inviting friends and customers to collect everything that pollutes the environment (bags, sacks, bottles, packaging, cans, casings…) during their walks. On May 31, those who collect the most plastic and metal while walking on the Elban paths will receive a dinner for two with a tasting menu at the Osteria Pepenero.

To participate, it’s required that you publish the photos taken during the collection (perhaps also indicating the area so that other people can contribute to completing the work) as well as the final photos with the bags and their weight in the public Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/459824355162208

The initiative was immediately supported by Vetrina Toscana, the Tuscan Regional Council and the Unioncamere project that promotes quality restaurants, shops and producers that express the identity of the territory and enhance food and wine culture as a tourist attraction, a practice encouraged to be extended to the whole network. While a simple idea, it’s precisely because of this that it spreads given that it’s something within everyone’s reach.

I’m trying to give back something of what magnificent nature has given to me in recent months – said Marco Olmetti – and I do it by offering my work to those who are the most hard-working. An aware customer is the natural evolution of a citizen who is respectful of their surroundings“.

The initiative is completely in line with the objectives and actions envisaged by the “Toscana Plastic Free” project, created thanks to the agreement protocol – signed in December 2019 – between the Regional Council and Toscana Promozione Turistica, that aims to increase information and awareness of both Tuscan citizens and those who choose Tuscany for their holidays, making them aware of active citizenship and eco-conscious and plastic free lifestyles.

Sustainability is one of the factors on which the Vetrina Toscana project is based; for over 20 years it has been promoting the use of typical local products. Those who join the network, both as a consumer and those who have a role, can experience not only a taste experience, but also understand the value of what is on their plate and the reason for its selection. Understanding how a product is formed and the story behind it increases respect for the product and for the landscape that allows its growth, also promoting greater environmental awareness and sustainability.

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