Wednesday 13 October 2021

For some time now, tourism has no longer been just about places to visit, but about places to have an experience. And Tuscany becomes the leading region of the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini, the major trade fair event that showcases what Italy has to offer in an experiential way. 

It does so by paying homage to Dante in the celebratory year for the poet, inaugurating the trade fair today with a special guest: singer Piero Pelù, who recited a few verses from the Divine Comedy.

Tuscany’s 400 square metre stand at the Rimini trade fair focuses on history, art, culture and nature to attract tourists, with two-way interactions between operators and companies, between service providers and buyers, and immersive experiences. 

Visitors are welcomed by two large revolving bas-reliefs that reproduce the face of the Supreme Poet: two works of great scenic effect created by the Viareggio Carnival Foundation, an example of the mastery of many Tuscan craftsmen. There are also three tunnels with as many routes made of images, sounds and smells that recall the sea, wine, countryside, spas and villages. This is the first time that a fair dedicated to tourism has featured a spectacular and sensorial display alongside the exhibitors’ stands. There will also be tastings, following in the footsteps of Dante Alighieri once again, inspired by medieval foods and samples of excellence thanks to the Vetrina Toscana network.

“There is a desire to amaze, to discover and offer beauty,” says Leonardo Marras, Tuscany’s tourism councillor. “This fair inevitably takes on a different value from other years. Tourism is restarting 100 percent, and here, despite the difficulties that are still present, the energy can clearly be felt.” 

“We have chosen, at this moment,” he continues, “to launch the second part of our promotion campaign, dedicated to wellness, and to promote the collaboration with Federterme: we are determined in the summer season, we must be increasingly so during the rest of the year, and this declination, together with the artistic cities, is the key to achieving this objective.” 

“Congratulations” he concludes, “to Toscana Promozione Turistica for the special stand it has created, unique and really eye-catching, a beautiful showcase for those who are fascinated with Tuscany.”

The day saw the presentation of the memorandum of understanding, renewing, for the three-year period between 2021-2024, the agreement between Regione Toscana and Regione Emilia Romagna and their respective promotion bodies, Toscana Promozione Turistica and Apt Servizi Emilia Romagna. The purpose is the promotion and appreciation of the Tuscan-Emilia-Romagna mountains in the name of active getaway and slow tourism. The aim is to start up shared services and participate in joint initiatives in order to strengthen what’s on offer, also bearing in mind the next ski season. 

There was also room for focusing on the promotional campaign “Tuscany. Never-Ending Renaissance” in its ‘new wellness’ declination, a chance to announce the opportunities with Federterme of the “Bonus Terme”. Wellness is one of the assets on which the Region is focusing in order to encourage and attract the wider public of national and international tourism: a product of tourism that is already present in the Tuscan destination proposal but that the Region wants to put into a system, combining the search for psychophysical wellness with the discovery of the land.

“This memorandum reinforces a cooperative relationship that is now structured, and which over time has produced very positive results for both regions, not least the experience of the Vie di Dante,” emphazises Councillor Marras. He added: “Never before has there been such a need to share ideas and projects in order to get off to a better start and to build solid and lasting development in the regions; this applies to both the economy and tourism. The agreement renewed today is an asset to Italy: overcoming divisions and working together is essential to restore momentum to the country, as well as being an example of interregional good practice of which we can be proud: it will allow us to make the most of the potential in a beautiful area such as the Tuscan-Emilia-Romagna Appennines.

 “Green and slow tourism,” comments Andrea Corsini, tourism councillor for Emilia Romagna, “is the continuation of the virtuous cooperation initiated with Tuscany eight years ago for the “Terre di Piero” and then “Vie di Dante” projects, according to an operational line that for years has seen us engaged in establishing cooperative relationships and creating products and joint promotion with neighbouring regions. The Tuscan-Romagna Apennines are a resource with enormous potential, today more than ever in light of the growing demand for open-air holidays and authentic, unspoiled places, and only by working as a team can we be competitive across national and international tourist markets”.

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