Wednesday 5 January 2022

The calendar of events starts in Siena. It includes real “gastronomic twinnings” and sees chefs with different experiences and professional paths, committed to putting their creativity to the test, to create various menus, each of which will be made by four hands

The event created by Confesercenti Siena proposes international contaminations, merging very different cultures and gastronomic customs, to offer the public an unusual journey made up of flavours.

There are four winter appointments with Girogustando 2022: On Wednesday, January 19, the restaurant “Il Mestolo” di Siena will meet “Der Katzlmacher” from Munich. On Thursday, February 10, “La Taverna della Berardenga” of Castelnuovo Berardenga will host “Il tufo allegro” from Pitigliano. On Thursday, February 17, the restaurant “Dal Falco” in Pienza will welcome “Mamma Mozza” from Lutterbach (France), and on Friday, March 4, the restaurant “Il Particolare” in Siena will host “Lowen-Apriori” from Bubikon (Switzerland).

It was 2002 when the “twinnings” between Italian chefs were experimented for the first time. For over twenty years, restaurants from 17 Italian regions have been the protagonists. And not only: Girogustando has also offered chefs from France, Malta, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Japan the opportunity to exchange views, for a total of 377 events, with 328 restaurants as protagonists. Over the years, the evenings have been enriched with the involvement of the public, creating true sharing events. They range from insights on the dishes, ingredients and territories of origin to musical, theatrical or fun entertainment.

And the spirit of collaboration among territories and chefs is not only visible in the dishes. Other partners of the event are wine consortia and organizations for the protection and enhancement of typical products that enrich the agri-food offer of Tuscany, in particular, the Chianti Classico Consortium, the Fisar sommeliers and the Amira maitres. All in the spirit of the “Vetrina Toscana” model, the project shared between the Region and Unioncamere Toscana has long enhanced the regional food and wine chain and all those involved.

As always, Girogustando aims to promote the interaction of cultures and skills as a model for the further growth of a sector that is strategic for territorial identity.

All the details of the future Girogustando appointments can be found on the website


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