Tuesday 10 July 2018

Elba taste! Giro dell’isola in 60 ricette (Elba taste! Around the island 60 recipes) is the new book edited by Valter Giuliani, highlighting some traditional Elban recipes interpreted by the most representative chefs on the island. This project is part of a larger venture by the consortium Elbataste, which has long promoted Elban food and wine in collaboration with Vetrina Toscana. Between 2016 and 2018, dinners were held that included the participation of Elban chefs hosted in restaurants on the mainland.

The book brings together recipes by the chefs Marco Olmetti, Pepenero; Massimo Poli, Montefabbrello; Luigi Muti, Vento in Poppa; Umberto Giacomelli, Osteria Gallo Nero; Gianni MonrealeSimona Giovannetti and Christophe Herzog, Calanova; Fabio Molinari, Tamata; Danilo Ferrara, Capo Nord; Giorgio Costa, La Taverna dei Poeti; Claudio Pucci, Ristorante Hotel La Perla del Golfo; Amos Rota, Villa Ripalte; Giacomo Paoli, Il Polpaio; Gabriele Messina, Elba Magna; and Paola Francesca Bertani, Pasticceria Le Magie. But there’s more: the book also includes anecdotes about the millennia-long history of the Isola d’Elba’s viticulture, as well as a section dedicated to aromatic plants.

The book Elba taste! Giro dell’isola in 60 ricette  (Elba taste! Around the island 60 recipes), edited by Nuova Editoriale Florence Press srl, is available on Libro Co.Italia, Amazon and IBS.

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