Friday 16 July 2021

There was great participation despite the particular situation, with many award-winning excellences, 71 out of 103 oils presented. The regional selection of DOP and IGP extra virgin olive oils also issued its verdict for the 2020-21 oil campaign, a campaign that stood out for the exceptional quality of the products. The initiative is promoted by the Tuscan Regional Council in collaboration with the Florence Chamber of Commerce, its dedicated company PromoFirenze, and Fondazione Sistema Toscana. This year, the final delivery of the special mentions and awards took place at the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce in Florence. The closing ceremony took place in mixed mode, partly in presence and partly remotely.

Vice president Stefania Saccardi elaborates “Despite the health emergency, we managed to organize the event, overcoming many logistical and organizational difficulties. The desire to support and promote local businesses has made us double the effort, relying on the great teamwork and collaboration of the other parties involved, and above all on the surprising response by companies in the sector. There were many requests, prompting us to expand the audience of samples admitted to the selection, to allow all the oils presented to participate”. In fact, the announcement initially reserved participation to a maximum number of 80 oil samples. In total, 103 were admitted, coming from 93 companies (10 submitted 2).

The joint work by the Camera di Commercio di Firenze, Promofirenze, Consortia delle DOP and IGP and the Analytical Laboratory made it possible to carry out the work of the Tasting Commissions in total safety, also thanks to the anti-Covid regulations adopted, alternating tasters from recognized Panels from all over Tuscany. 71 oils were selected: 25 are DOP (Chianti Classico – 18 oils, Seggiano – 4 oils, Terre di Siena – 2 oils and Lucca – 1 oil); 46 Tuscan IGP oils, of which 8 have the geographical mention of ‘Colline di Firenze’, 1 ‘Colline di Arezzo’ and 1 ‘Colline delle Lunigiana’.

Saccardi added, “Such a large participation is a significant sign that demonstrates, once again, the willingness of producers to pay great attention to quality certifications, as an important added value for the economy of the sector and the fight against fraud”. All Tuscan producers of extra virgin olive oils certified in one of the 5 DOP and IGP oils were able to participate in the Selection, each with a maximum of 2 oils. The sensory analysis was given to dedicated regional tasting commissions: the 71 selected represent the best of regional production for the last oil campaign, the result of particular attention paid by companies to the phases of cultivation, harvesting, transformation, conservation and packaging of the product.

During the event, in addition to the results of the ‘Selection 2021’, certificates were delivered to the oil companies that have been awarded the usual ‘Special Mentions’ for the ‘Selezione Origine’ (the 5 oils that have obtained the scores highest in the organoleptic test) and for the first 3 oils classified in the selections of ‘Bio’, ‘Biofenoli’ and ‘Monocultivar’. For the first time, certificates relating to the new awards for the best DOP and IGP oils for which at least 3 oils have been selected were also awarded.

“I would like to underline the level of excellence reached by Tuscan productions: the 71 selected oils and the mentions and awards assigned demonstrate that the quality standard has taken a further step forward. It’s a positive encouragement for the whole sector and an excellent calling card for promotional activities on world markets: these oils will in fact be ambassadors of Tuscan quality globally”, concluded Saccardi.

Director Francesco Palumbo commented “We are pleased to contribute through the FST channels to broaden the visibility of the annual appointment with the Selection of Oils. It’s an ambassador product for Tuscany in the world. It’s a truly innovative tourism product with great appeal for the resumption of post-COVID tourism. We support communication throughout the year through, Vetrina Toscana, Buyfood and Visittuscany. On the promotion portal, we have recorded continuous growth in requests and appreciation of travel proposals related to oil tourism”.

Secretary General of the Chamber of Commerce Giuseppe Salvini added, “Oil for us Tuscans means passion, territory, and sociability. Alongside wine and other certified quality Tuscan products, it’s an extraordinary calling card for our land. Promoting oil is therefore an additional attraction for tourism in our area and an important component for economic recovery”.


The 2021 catalogue has only been published in electronic format: in Italian and English, collecting the descriptive sheets of each selected oil: 

Oli extravergine DOP e IGP della Toscana: con la selezione 2021 premiate 71 eccellenze

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