Thursday 2 April 2020

Working out a shared policy to support local production, especially of fresh products and the relevant supply chains, which have been brought to their knees by the health emergency. This was the aim of the two videoconferences that the Tuscan Region held on March 30, chaired by the regional councillor for agriculture Marco Remaschi. The first involved representatives of dairy supply chains, the second with ambassadors of the GDO (Grande Distribuzione Organizzata) and various agricultural associations; the regional councillor for production activity, Stefano Ciuoffo, also took part in the latter. What these meetings made clear was the necessity of starting a programme of interventions and actions to aid recovery, once the first phase of the emergency and lockdown is over.

In the meeting with the dairy supply chain representatives,” said Remaschi, “we listened to the producers who find themselves in an extremely complex situation, as the last few weeks have seen a slump for fresh produce. Current shopping habits favour foods with longer shelf lives, which means that milk and fresh or lightly-seasoned cheese have suffered. We discussed ways of buying these products that will prioritise the supply chain, and spoke briefly about the Mukki problem, but that question will have to be discussed further at an ad hoc conference, with all involved parties present. That is how we will try to find a positive outcome for Tuscan milk producers.”

A great collaborative spirit was shown in the meetings with GDO and the agricultural associations, where Ciuoffo also participated. “The GDO representatives,” Remaschi and Ciuoffo commented, “were extremely amenable to new ways of working together for the good of local produce, via a closer relationship with producers. We agreed, moreover, to research other forms of promotion in the outlets themselves, in order to boost the purchase of fresh, locally-certified produce.” The agricultural associations, besides appreciating the opportunities for discussion that the Tuscan Region had arranged, asked that the table be kept open permanently, so that the participants can constantly share information and ideas and keep the whole Tuscan food-farming system tight and ready for the many challenges that the coming months have in store for us.

The GDO representatives were also grateful for the flexible opening hours that the Regional Council proposed for outlets, in order to ensure that citizens can shop safely and that businesses can unite organisational sustainability with the highest levels of employee protection.



Photo by Luca Bruno

Prodotti freschi, filiera latte e latticini

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