Thursday 27 January 2022

At the end of a process that began last September, Mipaaf has recognized the Consortium for the protection of DOP Suvereto and Val di Cornia Wine pursuant to art. 41 of Law 238/2016, with consequent attribution of protection, promotion and care functions of the protected Denominations – Suvereto Docg, Rosso della Val di Cornia Docg and Val di Cornia Doc – provided for by the law.
The high representativeness of the supply chain means that the same functions are assigned in an ‘erga omnes’ form, that is to say, towards all the subjects registered in the control system, regardless of their associative commitment.

“This formalization – says the vice president of the Region and councillor for agri-food Stefania Saccardi – rewards the work we all believe in, producers and institutions, and to which we are committed. The foundation of the Consortium for the protection of DOP Suvereto and Val di Cornia Wine opens up new important scenarios. From the modernization of the production regulations to the promotion on the EU and non-EU markets, and application for projects on the PSR (Rural Development Plan) and OCM (CMO Regulation) calls”.

“It is an expected and important result – comments the president of the Consortium, Nico Rossi – which testifies to the will of local winemakers to invest decisively in their territory, through a path of enhancement and modernization of the three Denominations entrusted to us. We thank the representatives of the Municipality of Suvereto, the Tuscany Region and Mipaaf who have actively collaborated in achieving an indispensable objective for our affirmation on the national and foreign market”.

Consorzio Suvereto e Val di Cornia Wine

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