Friday 27 May 2022

To enhance and expand the possibilities of discovering Tuscany’s food and wine traditions thanks to the offer of shops, restaurants, outdoor facilities, bathing establishments and hotels that will now be able to join Vetrina Toscana.  These are the objectives of the new memorandum of understanding signed by Confesercenti Toscana Assoturismo and Toscana Promozione Turistica for developing Vetrina Toscana, the Tuscany Region and the Unioncamere project created to promote responsible and sustainable tourism through innovative forms of enhancing the identity of the destinations,  tourism and Tuscan cultural and food and wine traditions, thus strengthening the micro and small businesses operating in the area.  A project supported in terms of digital communication – website and social media – by Fondazione Sistema Toscana.

What the protocol provides for

The protocol states that all companies affiliated with Confesercenti Toscana Assoturismo who wish to join the initiative must adopt the manifesto of values, developed and managed by Fondazione Sistema Toscana, and include at least one of the following services in its offer:

⦿ Tuscan breakfast: proposal of at least one sweet and one savoury product from the area, which will be identified with a label with the Vetrina Toscana logo and a brief description: breakfast, especially in accommodation facilities, is enjoyed as an “experience” of the territory, offering the visitor an opportunity to get to know the authenticity and typicality of the Tuscan culinary tradition;

⦿ menu: proposal of at least three traditional Tuscan food and wine dishes, enhancing the local products of the area;

⦿ corner: the creation of points of sale where at least three products are included among those indicated in the lists of Vetrina Toscana.

An increasingly participatory project

When we launched the new course of Vetrina Toscana, a little less than a year ago, we imagined exactly this – explains Leonardo Marras, councillor for the Economy and Tourism of the Tuscany Region -: an increasingly participatory project that opens up to the world of hospitality in its entirety by promoting the values of sustainability, conscious consumption and, consequently, responsible tourism.  We, therefore, welcome this protocol which, I am sure, will be a stimulus for many Tuscan economic activities to make the principles of Vetrina their own and enrich their hospitality offer “.

“The protocol aims to significantly expand the number of regional tourism supply chain companies willing to use local products to qualify their food and wine offer.  It also includes hotels, campsites and bathing establishments, with over 1,500 restaurants and shops that already adhere to Vetrina Toscana – declares Fabrizio Lotti, president of Assoturismo -.  The food and wine offer is one of the main tourist attractions of our region, and the qualification of this offer certainly contributes to increasing the competitiveness and attractiveness of small Tuscan tourism businesses, improving the quality of the experiences offered to tourists.  It is excellent to enhance the Tuscan breakfast, returning to the rural tradition, with genuine products made and/or transformed by short supply chain companies“.

“It is equally important to enhance the food and wine offer of the many facilities in the area, particularly the inland areas – continues Lotti -.  I work in the seaside tourism sector, and many customers of our establishments love to discover restaurants in the inland area.  They are fascinated by the atmosphere that characterizes them and the great quality of the cuisine, obtained using traditional recipes and quality products “.


Siglato protocollo per lo sviluppo di Vetrina Toscana

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