Monday 20 January 2020

2020 will be a particularly good year for celebrations. Modigliani and Fellini, Collodi and Raphael are just some of the great characters in our history whose births or deaths will be commemorated in the next 12 months. Among these heroes of Italian life there is also Pellegrino Artusi, who was born on August 4 1820 in Forlimpopoli and died in Florence in 1911. Artusi was a writer and gastronome and is hailed as the “father” of Italian cuisine, as well as the author of a work as important as “Science in the Kitchen and The Art of Eating Well”, published in 1891.

The book was such a great success that, in 1931, it had already reached its thirty-second edition. Together with other classics of Italian literature (“I promessi sposi” and “Pinocchio”), the volume –which contained 790 recipes, from appetizers to liqueurs – became an instant classic, essential to every household.

Science in the Kitchen and the Art of Eating Well constituted a real watershed in the gastronomic culture of the time. Pellegrino Artusi, in fact, elevated and refined the “mosaic” of regional traditions into a comprehensible system of what we now call Italian culinary culture.

2020, therefore, will also be dedicated to the celebration of two-hundred years since the birth of Pellegrino Artusi, whom Vetrina Toscana honoured back in 2015 with the “Artusian Journey“, designed by Leonardo Romanelli. Across 10 locations, disciples of flavour visited the places lived or loved by Artusi, ending with the Expo Milano, where the concept and philosophy of “good Tuscan living” was presented to a rapturous audience.

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